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Food for Thought

Photo by Maranda Orth
Photo by Maranda Orth

Have you ever stopped to consider phrases like “start with heart,” “the heart of the matter” or “a change of heart”? It has been said, “All meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside and works its way out,” and at Edible Omaha, our hearts are full of hope that, together, our community can build a sustainable food system where everyone has access to healthy food.

For this hope to become reality, change must occur, and we liken the change process to the chain reaction of a string of domino tiles. Each tile, individually, stands on its own, so that when the first domino falls, it topples the second, which topples the third, etc., resulting in all tiles falling. 

The first domino comes from the heart and starts with hope—the belief of something better—namely our food system. Attitude, the second domino, builds momentum and is important because our attitudes influence our behavior. Our attitude is one of optimism and gratefulness for what exists today, which we celebrate within the pages of the magazine.

Our third domino, action, is heavily influenced by both our hope (heart) and attitude (optimism and gratefulness). Our actions include connecting like-minded people, collaborating not criticizing, and embracing the vulnerability and transparency necessary to build something together. 

Collaboration requires relationships and actively being engaged as part of the solution. I often hear my dad’s voice reminding me that if “I’m not part of the solution, then I must be part of the problem.” This phrase reminds me that I am accountable to step up to do my part, engaging with others, and that I must also resist walking away when something isn’t being done the way I have imagined. While individuality has its place, and each domino tile stands alone, it is only in coming together in concert that the momentum for sustainable change can be created through what is commonly referred to as the domino effect. 

If our motives start with heart, and we are clear about what we really want for ourselves, for our community and the legacy we wish to leave for our children, then what might be possible? Might we quicker offer support, to work together and to rise up when challenges occur? If we are clear about the motives in our hearts and use that as our guide, anything is possible. What does your heart say? Will you join us in building a sustainable local food system?


Amy S. Brown
Copublisher and Editor