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Real Fun with Real Food, Big Green Tomato

Photo courtesy of Big Green Tomato
Photo courtesy of Big Green Tomato

By Emily Brocker

You’ve heard of fried green tomatoes, but have you heard of Big Green Tomato? Located on an acreage outside of Fort Calhoun,
Nebraska, Big Green Tomato is a business centered around the love of real, good food.
Founder Michelle Moyes Dill describes the business as a “growing adventure around food.” Through Big Green Tomato’s three
specialty areas—catering, food education and made-for-you products—Michelle seeks to “teach people how to eat better and
have fun with food.”
Big Green Tomato is a family affair. Michelle, along with her husband and daughter, moved from Omaha to their acreage over
a year ago. But the dream of starting a business had been around for a long time. “Every time we took a road trip, we’d dream about
opening our own business. Our conversations always came back to food and an idea like this.” Another motivating factor was Michelle’s food intolerances. She couldn’t have some of her favorite foods, so she had to find alternatives. She found better ingredients, and realized that the food often ended up tasting even better.
Big Green Tomato’s top priority is using safe and local (when available) ingredients. Some ingredients come directly from the
garden in Fort Calhoun, in addition to other local vendors such as Nishnabotna Naturals and Tomāto Tomäto.
Catering services are unique through Big Green Tomato because everything comes labeled so people know exactly what they are
eating. Michelle does light catering: lunches, hors d’oeuvres, cocktail parties and buffet-style meals (Build-Your-Own Pad Thai is a
specialty). Catering possibilities run the gamut. They can meet the needs of people ranging from vegetarians to vegans, to those who
have food allergies or religious restrictions.
The education arm of Big Green Tomato comes through food demonstrations for two Omaha-area community-supported
agriculture programs. Michelle also presents food seminars focused on food allergies and eating better when dealing with various
chronic health conditions. “People know they need to eat better, but they don’t want to give up their comfort foods,” says Michelle.
“Learning how to eat better with real food gives people a sense of pride and satisfaction.”
For those looking for real, healthy made-for-you food, Big Green Tomato also sells products such as
granola, marinades, jambalaya and New Mexico Green Chili.
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