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Localizing the Food Movement

The Lexicon of Sustainability is based on a simple premise: People can’t be expected to live more sustainable lives if they don’t know the most basic terms and principles that define sustainability. 

Project Localize, an educational program, uses the principles from the Lexicon of Sustainability to show teachers and students how to identify and promote sustainable outcomes. 

In Ames, Iowa, Project Localize was led by one motivated teacher and his 11th grade class. The students mapped their local food system, interviewed producers, farmers, processors and key stakeholders and then created artworks illustrating what sustainability looks like in Iowa. A photographic exhibit of their work is on display in Washington, D.C., thru November 3. 

The Lexicon of Sustainability is now looking for exemplary teachers and schools to participate in Project Localize. Selected schools will receive Lexicon of Sustainability resources, a curriculum, taxonomy of sustainable terms, video tutorials for creating information artworks, a regional food mapping system blueprint and a public event planner. Participating schools will have the chance to win the Lexicon of Sustainability Excellence in Education prize in 2014. 

By reaching students from a variety of agriculturally diverse communities—urban and rural—together we can spread these positive concepts across America, creating a new generation of sustainability-literate citizens who will become our future leaders.

Nominate your school today at LexiconOfSustainability.com/Localize.

Artwork by Ames High School students for Project Localize: Ames, Iowa