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A (Beer) Dream Come True

Infusion Brewing Company

Photo courtesy of Logan Yard
Photo courtesy of Logan Yard

For as long as he could remember, Bill Baburek, owner of Benson’s newest craft brewery, Infusion Brewing Company, has dreamed of owning his own brewery. Despite owning numerous successful beer businesses: Crescent Moon Alehouse, Huber-House German Bier Bar, Max & Joe’s Belgian Beer Tavern and Beertopia, a craft beer store, Bill wanted more. So when the right place—the former space of Olson’s Market in Benson—went up for sale in April 2012, he knew the time was right to make his dream a reality. “I’ve always really liked the feel of Benson. It reminds me of some of the neighborhoods in Portland and Seattle that are known for little craft breweries,” said Bill.
Because there are so many new brew pubs opening up across the United States, there’s a long wait for brewing equipment. But just like the location in Benson, another opportunity presented itself to Bill at just the right time. He procured the equipment needed from a former brewery in the Old Market.
“I’ve devoted my life to, and made a living off of, beer,” said Bill, but he doesn’t do the brewing himself. Aaron Bush, who worked for Bill at the Crescent Moon, is Infusion Brewing’s head brewer. Aaron has been a home brewer for many years and was ready to take the next step.
Bill is pleased with the good selection of beers that Infusion Brewing offers. There are 14 different beers on tap, ranging from easy-drinking American-style wheat beer to a hoppy IPA, a dark and roasty stout to a fresh zon. Since opening, Infusion Brewing has been well received into the local craft-brew and Benson communities. Bill feels that really speaks to the quality of the beers. “I’ve been proud of every beer we’ve poured.”
Infusion Brewing offers more than just good beer. Home brewers can schedule a time to come in and collaborate with head brewer, Aaron. There are also brewery tours available. For $5, you get a tour of Infusion and the equivalent of two beers. While Infusion doesn’t have a full kitchen, they do serve small-plate foods such as house-made salsa and hummus, pizza with dough made partially from the spent grains of their beer and locally made meats and cheeses.
Visit Infusion Brewing Company at 6115 Maple Street, on Facebook or online at InfusionBrewing.com.

By Emily Brocker