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A theater nut, my daughter Maryssa is fast approaching the end of her high school career and has been dutifully but not eagerly writing college-entrance and scholarship application essays. One particular essay, about why a career in technical stage management is her dream, caught my attention. In this essay, she spelled out her love for theater because every single participant—backstage, onstage or audience—must perform his or her role to make the show a success.

As we launch the inaugural Eat Local Guide, I am reminded how we all play a part in building a sustainable food system for our community, and like any great performance in the theater, no role is more or less important than the other and yet we all must play our part to ensure success.

Since the first issue of Edible Omaha two years ago, readers have been asking for a trusted resource to locate restaurants committed to sourcing local ingredients because it sets them apart, and as eaters who want to know where their food comes from, they want to reciprocate by eating in those establishments.

Happily, chefs and restaurant owners heard the call and stepped onstage into the spotlight. The establishments in the Eat Local Guide are further securing their role as leaders in the sustainable food movement by expanding their support beyond the farmers who grow food to investing their hard-earned marketing dollars into the invitation-only Eat Local Guide.

The local dining performance is set to begin, and the curtain is about to go up. Similar to the seldom seen technical crew, local farmers have been growing food, and much like the onstage actors, chefs and their teams have been mastering their craft, pouring love and creativity into each dish. To ensure our award-winning performance, local diners need to fill the seats.

If you make no other resolution for 2014, please resolve to support the restaurants in the Eat Local Guide, showing your support for the farmers, and to take your place building a sustainable food community.

We believe 2014 holds much promise for the continued expansion of growing and enjoying local food, and Edible Omaha is excited to be a vital part of that promise.

Amy S. Brown
Copublisher and Editor

P.S. If you know of a restaurant that should be featured in the Eat Local Guide, please contact Cynthia via e-mail at Cynthia@edibleomaha.com.



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