Edible Omaha

Food for Thought

Welcome to the third year of Edible Omaha. Looking back at our humble beginnings—with no prior publishing experience—Lucy and I continue to be grateful for the amazing advertisers, contributors and readers who support our mission to build a sustainable food community in the greater Omaha area.

Our vision for Edible Omaha to become the local voice for local food is resonating. Readers have told us that in the pages of Edible Omaha they have been able to find local food, learn new things, build relationships with farmers and food artisans and experience events that would have previously gone unnoticed. With each issue the connections become stronger.

In addition to the privilege of producing this beautiful magazine, Lucy and I also have the opportunity to support the local food community in ways that extend far beyond the pages of the magazine. We attend many farm-to-table dinners, farm tours, movie screenings and farmers markets. We sponsor and volunteer our time, working side-by-side with our advertisers at their events.

Those events are great, but some of our most meaningful work comes when collaborating with motivated organizations to find out what is needed most and then getting involved. We have been active participants in developing a local food map, teaching business planning classes to aspiring farmers, working on the development of a Slow Money chapter and exploring a food hub (an organized way of collecting, distributing and marketing local foods to holistically satisfy food access needs).

On the educational side, we promote awareness of resources that enable schools to buy direct from farmers, work with individual students on projects, introduce cross-institutional partnerships and assist professors in planning sustainable food tours. We also help plan events, speak at social group meetings and moderate panel discussions.

We believe through this work, Edible Omaha offers unique value to our community that is made possible because of the advertisers who share our transformational mission. We hope you will recognize the value of their commitment and support them in return.


Amy S. Brown
Copublisher and Editor