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Once again, I am amazed by our local farmers. Yes, you know them as the cheerful people you meet when picking up your weekly community-supported agriculture program share and when you make your purchases at the many farmers’ markets. You smile when you see a local farm name next to the deliciousness listed on local restaurant menus. Each time, you quietly acknowledge their efforts and give a silent thank you that you know your farmer, know where your food comes from and how it is grown. After the severe and devastating storm that hit our community on June 3rd, I imagine that you, like me, feel the need to support them even more.

Many things about the life of a farmer inspire us, but when a storm rages through and wipes out months of work in the blink of an eye, one has to pause and admit the deep inspiration is one of awe. News reports, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets told us quickly about the widespread damage—from Missouri Valley and Crescent, Iowa, across to Omaha and Lincoln and onto York and Spaulding, Nebraska—which impacted so many of our farmers; those whom we depend upon to provide fresh, local produce in our community.

As the news feeds faded, the outpouring of community support began. Volunteers offered to help with replanting, repairs and whatever might be needed. Even farmers who were hit by the storm themselves reached out to their fellow farmer to share extra plants and supplies to assist with the restoration process.

We wait with steadfast faith and hope that our farmers will replant and somehow salvage a successful growing season. We understand this is their livelihood not a pastime activity as gardening is for so many of us. At the same time, we wonder how it’s possible to make up for the growing time that has been lost and how they find the courage (and energy) to start over.

Please join us in celebrating the resilience of our farmers. Show your appreciation for all that they do to bring food to your table any way you can and show how our community can find strength in the midst of this adversity.

With Admiration,

Amy S. Brown

Copublisher and Editor

Photo by Carole Topalian
Photo by Carole Topalian