Edible Omaha

Food for Thought

As the local voice for local food, there are many things we are proud of, and this fall, through our association with Edible Communities, there are two more (big ones!) to add to the list.

Edible Omaha was selected from among hundreds of national applicants to curate the Lexicon of Sustainability’s Pop-Up Art Shows in the Greater Omaha and Lincoln metropolitan areas. The Lexicon project is based on a simple premise: People can’t be expected to live more sustainable lives if they don’t know the most basic terms and principles that define sustainability. By illuminating the words, the art educates and engages people to have a dialogue about where their responsibility begins for creating a healthier, safer food system in America. These events are designed to empower people by giving them the tools to understand that change is possible when they pay closer attention to what they buy and how they eat.

At the same time, based on story pitches from Edible Omaha, our community was selected as one of 13 locations across America to be featured in a new PBS television show. The new show, a re-launch of the classic series The Victory Garden, will be created and narrated by the two-time James Beard Award-winning filmmakers behind The Perennial Plate. Each episode will look deep into the lives of sustainable food heroes and give them the platform to share their passion and knowledge. Michael Pollan has said, “The Perennial Plate is real food TV in every sense,” and celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern referred to their work as the coolest show he’s seen in years.

As always, this work relies on a great number of committed people, and we’re grateful to everyone but especially two local companies, Reclaimed Enterprises and MTRL Design. To find information about the upcoming art shows and airing of the PBS shows, visit our website or follow us on Facebook.


Amy S. Brown
Copublisher and Editor