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Omaha’s Whiskey Distilling Reborn

Borgata Brewery & Distillery

BorgataOmaha whiskey lovers, unite! You can now drink locally made craft whiskey for the first time since pre-Prohibition days. At Borgata Brewery & Distillery, Zac Triemert and Holly Mulkins offer a relaxing tasting room to enjoy a cocktail or beer, thanks to an in-house full-production brewery and distillery. “Whether you come in after work or just left the golf course, Borgata’s comfortable space, craft beers and whiskey have something for everyone,” says Holly.

Borgata’s whiskey is a single-malt, white, American whiskey. The in-house distilled, un-aged whiskey “delivers a surprising sweetness along with a light and smooth texture. I like to call it, ‘fancy moonshine,’” Zac quips. The whiskey is distilled in two copper pot stills that adorn Borgata’s tasting room, adding to the vintage ambience. The two-pot stills also happen to be Nebraska’s biggest and tallest of their kind.

In addition to whiskey, Borgata offers two series of house-brewed craft beers. Their Session Series offers lighter, lower alcohol content beers including a flagship pilsner, oatmeal cream stout, IPA, hefeweizen and a seasonal pale ale. Borgata’s Bison Series serves up imperial stout, imperial IPA and barley wine beers with deeper, robust and flavorful notes.

Owning Omaha’s first distillery since pre-Prohibition days is certainly momentous within itself. Zac adds to that history with his own past in brewing. He holds a master’s degree in brewing and distilling (a degree he earned in Scotland), is the former owner of Lucky Bucket Brewing and spent years brewing at the Upstream. This is really best explained by Holly, though. “Craft beer is more than just a preference, it’s a lifestyle. Once you’ve crossed over to drinking and brewing good, local craft beer, you don’t go back.”

Visit Borgata Brewery & Distillery Tuesday through Saturday for a drink, or Thursday through Saturday for a tour at 1116 Jackson Street in Omaha’s Old Market. For more details, check out BorgataBeerandSpirits.com.

—Story and photo by Emily Brocker