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Masterful Mixture of Milk

Doe’s and Diva’s

Photo courtesy of FarmHer
Photo courtesy of FarmHer

Nestled in the beautiful Loess Hills of western Iowa, you’ll find treats and treasures to please both the eye and the palate. One of these hidden gems is Doe’s and Diva’s in Honey Creek. Doe’s and Diva’s is a goat and sheep dairy that specializes in delectable cheese, as well as soap and lotion.

Years ago, Janna Feldman, co-owner of Doe’s and Diva’s, started with just one goat to benefit her adopted daughter who couldn’t tolerate cow’s milk. What started out small grew bigger—one goat turned to three goats, then eight, then more. With her number of goats growing, and her interest in goat’s milk peaking, Janna attended and graduated from an artisan cheese-making school in California. She and her husband, Tom, opened up their certified goat and sheep dairy, Doe’s and Diva’s, early this spring.

Doe’s and Diva’s sells cheese at local farmers markets across the metro area. They produce a variety of feta, chèvres, aged tommes and farmhouse cheeses. Doe’s and Diva’s cheese is aged in Templeton Rye barrels or their stone cheese cave. The mixture of both goat’s and sheep’s milk, along with additions such as cranberry, horseradish, honeycomb and cherry, produce some unique and delicious flavors.

While most people have tried feta, made from goat’s milk, Doe’s and Diva’s cheese tastes a little different—milder—thanks to the addition of the sheep’s milk. Sheep’s milk has a naturally sweet taste. When added to the tangy goat’s milk, “It produces a mild and creamy taste, a totally unique flavor, and it creates an exceptional feta,” says Janna.

Doe’s and Diva’s also makes soap and lotion with their goats’ milk. Janna adds local honey, pure essential oils and ground oatmeal, which result in a natural skin-care product that quickly penetrates the skin and leaves a thin layer of moisture behind. You can purchase Doe’s and Diva’s soap and lotion at select Hy-Vee stores as well as at Wohlner’s in Midtown Omaha.

Look for Doe’s and Diva’s cheese at your local farmers market, visit them at DoesandDivas.com and follow on Facebook. Celebrate their grand opening at a 2pm ribbon-cutting celebration on Tuesday, June 10, on the farm at 31140 185th Street in Honey Creek, Iowa. RSVP to 712.545.3049 by May 20.

—By Emily Brocker