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The Shortest Distance Between Farm and Table

Prairie Plate Restaurant

Prairie Plate
Photo courtesy of Prairie Plate Restaurant

Thankfully, farm-to-table restaurants are becoming more common in our region. And although the number of eateries that can make that claim have grown, there aren’t many restaurants where you can see the farm food you’re eating grow right outside the window. But that’s the unique claim Prairie Plate Restaurant can make.

Located northwest of Waverly, Nebraska, Prairie Plate is the latest chapter in Jerry and Renee Cornett’s story. Jerry and Renee met over 20 years ago when they were both in Navy flight school, training to be helicopter pilots. Renee always had a love for cooking and food, preparing meals for others through her travels. During the years in the Navy, Jerry and Renee traveled around the world, and they tried a wide variety of cuisines and restaurants. When they landed in the Omaha metro area, Renee attended the Institute for Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College.

When their military careers were over, they wanted to start a business of their own. They ultimately went in a direction that capitalizes on Renee’s love of food and cooking. On a lakefront property near Waverly, they started Lakehouse Farm, growing over 60 certified organic varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

In addition to selling their produce at local farmers markets and their on-site store, they decided to take advantage of their picturesque location and open a true farm-to-table restaurant on the farm’s property. Prairie Plate Restaurant opened this spring and is open for dinner and special events. Much of what’s on the menu comes from their harvests. While not everything they serve comes directly from Lakehouse Farm’s crop, they purchase the restaurant’s remaining ingredients from other local producers.

Visit Prairie Plate Restaurant for dinner at 10405 Branched Oak Road in Waverly or at LakehouseFarm.com.

—By Emily Brocker