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Lincoln Brothers Bake Model Doughnuts

The Doughnut Hole

Photo courtesy of the Doughnut Hole
Photo courtesy of the Doughnut Hole

Comedian John Belushi once famously proclaimed, “I owe it all to chocolate donuts.” Lincoln brothers Lucas and Nate Gingery may soon be saying the same. They’re the brains and brawn behind the Doughnut Hole in Lincoln Haymarket’s Public Market at 350 Canopy Street.

The Doughnut Hole’s offerings are inspired, with fresh farmers’ market fruit glazes and fillings, and a few head-scratching combinations—like the widely popular maple bacon long john. On a Friday morning visit in May, a few of the available flavors included strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, Oreo, coconut cream pie, French toast sticks, salted caramel, vanilla bean and chocolate. Many flavors are available in both raised and cake doughnut variations.

Lucas and Nate know that the perfect doughnut needs the perfect coffee to accompany it. They’re the only place in Nebraska to offer fair trade and organic Stumptown coffee and espresso drinks.

Lucas and Nate began to rethink the humble doughnut while modeling in New York and trying the fresh flavors and creative glazes at the Doughnut Plant in Manhattan. After moving back to Lincoln in 2011, the brothers decided it was time to give the doughnut business a go.

They traveled around the country and Canada tasting doughnuts and learning all they could about the confectionary. They discovered the best tasting pastries used the freshest and highest-quality ingredients available. The Gingerys debuted their confections at the Haymarket and Old Cheney Farmers’ Markets in 2011. And no surprise—the doughnuts were an instant hit.

The Doughnut Hole built up a cult following organically, and the demand in Lincoln seems to be growing. “Every Saturday, we seem to see half of our customers,” Nate said. “We have a lot of regulars that come in every single day.”

Nate and Lucas work seven days a week handcrafting doughnuts in small batches. Though they’re often bleary-eyed after busy, sleepless weekends, they love what they do, and it’s paying off. After less than a year at their Canopy Street location, they’re eyeing expansion, with new locations in Lincoln and Omaha slated for the near future.

“It can be super hard, working seven days a week, but we see the end goal. Good things are happening every month so we keep pushing forward,” Lucas said.

The Doughnut Hole is open daily. Connect with the Doughnut Hole and get a preview of their flavors on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

—By Alexis Abel