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Brewing Up in Blackstone

Archetype Coffee

Archetype1Archetype2There’s a part of the coffee industry that the average drinker may not know according to Isaiah Sheese, owner of the Blackstone district’s Archetype Coffee—the competitive world of latte art contests and barista championships. These competitions inspired Isaiah to open his own specialty coffee shop.

Brewing in the coffee industry for nearly a decade, Isaiah has worked in a variety of roles and many locations. He’s worked as a barista and a coffee wholesaler. He moved to Omaha from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and prior to that, he lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He’s traveled to some of the world’s coffee bean meccas, including Columbia and El Salvador.

Opening a coffee shop in a city that’s not your hometown brings its own sets of challenges. But that didn’t stop Isaiah. He knew his time was now, and Omaha’s revitalized Blackstone district was just the place. Archetype Coffee is located in the former Sullivan’s Bar site. A lot of work was done to get the shop where it is today—a modern, simplistic location that pays tribute to the history of the area with small, understated touches.

“I want to keep our coffee menu as simple as possible,” Isaiah shares. “When you extract espresso correctly and steam milk properly, it brings out a beautiful, balanced sweetness.” Isaiah feels if you can make a customer a perfect cappuccino or a wonderful latte, that it “opens the door to new and different coffee experiences.” Archetype aims to serve coffee with passion and expose people to specialty coffees they may not have tried before.

Archetype is currently serving Ruby Coffee Roasters beans, but they are getting closer to roasting their own premium in-house coffee. They use dairy products from Nebraska’s own Burbach’s Countryside Dairy. The pastries sold and paper products used are also locally sourced. In the near future, Archetype will begin offering public tastings, cuppings open to the community, barista training for those looking to improve their home-brewing experience and events.

Visit Archetype Coffee from 7am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday, and 8am to 3pm on Saturday at 3926 Farnam Street or on Facebook.

—Story and photo by Emily Brocker