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The Grey Plume Experience at Home

Provisions, by the Grey Plume

Photo courtesy of the Grey Plume

Clayton Chapman, head chef and owner of the Grey Plume has received critical acclaim from around the country for his restaurant’s green practices and outstanding farm-to-table approach to cuisine. The good news is that fans can now enjoy the award-winning food in their own home. Clayton has opened Provisions, by the Grey Plume, across the street from his restaurant. “Going out to eat is a big commitment. Provisions gives us the opportunity to provide guests with the Grey Plume experience at home,” says Clayton.

Shoppers can purchase a wide-variety of Plume favorites at Provisions. The store stocks the restaurant’s house-cured meat, pickled vegetables, house-churned butter, handcrafted chocolates and roasted coffee beans, just to name a few. You can even buy the handcrafted service pieces used at the Grey Plume, such as the recycled wine glass plates. With the wide variety of products available, you can re-create the charcuterie board, or many of your favorites, at your next dinner party or night in.

Provisions isn’t just a store, though. “It’s really an extension of the restaurant,” Clayton says. The store features a full commercial kitchen and a dining room that can accommodate groups up to 25 people for parties or special events. The dining room serves the same dishes that you’d find across the street at the restaurant.

Another offering at Provisions is themed cooking classes, which will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays and rotate quarterly. Classes run the gamut, from soups to artisan chocolates, and vary in level of skill and/or experience required—beginners all the way up to professional chefs.

Provisions is open Monday through Saturday from noon to 8pm, and noon to 4pm on Sundays. For more information, visit TheGreyPlume.com.

—By Emily Brocker