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Coffee, Community and Culture

No-More-Empty-CupsNo More Empty Cups

In May of this year, No More Empty Cups took over an operational coffee shop at the CO2 building on 10th Street in Downtown Omaha and converted the business into a nonprofit organization. Nancy Williams, board president and CEO for No More Empty Pots (the group that runs No More Empty Cups), says coffee, community and culture are their values.

“It’s about gathering around a great cup of coffee, enjoying good food, amazing people and celebrating the things that make us a community,” shares Nancy. She says No More Empty Cups is meant to be an inclusive space where people can just be and learn more about each other, the food we consume and the drinks we enjoy.

Nancy says the operation promotes local businesses and vendors, “So we have Archetype roasted coffee that we sell. Our pastries are from a local small business in North Omaha called Black Bottom Biscotti. We buy our bagels at the Bagel Bin and get our chorizo from the Grey Plume.”

The chorizo is used on the shop’s bagel breakfast sandwiches, which also feature eggs from Thomas Farms and Farmtable Delivery. The milk and cream are from Burbach Dairy while the cheese is obtained from Branched Oak Farm.

“We try to buy everything locally first. If we can’t find a local vendor then we will go to a traditional provider,” explains Nancy.

No More Empty Cups’ goal is to expose patrons to as much local food as possible so they can experience it and then purchase those items for themselves outside of the coffee shop. People can also buy community-supported agriculture (CSA) shares through the coffee shop.

“No More Empty Pots is focused around local food systems initiatives. There aren’t a lot of local food outlets in the area near the coffee shop. We hope to grow the coffee shop so it will be a place we can distribute local foods from,” says Nancy.

No More Empty Cups is located at 1502 South 10th Street in Suite 100 and is open from 7am until 7pm Monday through Saturday and 7am until 6pm Sunday. Find it online at NoMoreEmptyCups.org or on Facebook.

—Story and photo by Cheril Lee