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As we close one year and start another, we asked our readers to share their favorite local food moment from 2014 and their hopes for 2015. We are excited to share our readers’
success stories and their hopes for continued momentum in the New Year.

Edible Omaha readers’ Top Local Food Moments from 2014:

Newly opened restaurants that source ingredients from local farms; especially Le Bouillon and Modern Love. —Pepito F., Christine H., Brian W., Rosey H. and August T.

“…canning and pickling from my own homegrown produce and herbs, and from locally grown fruit, such as Gravenstein apples from Kimmel Orchard. They are helping to keep this heirloom variety in play and I really appreciate that.” —Sue G.

“Karen B. planting fruit trees in public places so you can pick for free.” —Randi H.

“Moving to Omaha and realizing all the stories behind the wonderful food!” —Dana Z.

Edible Omaha Readers’ Hopes for 2015:

“More restaurants sourcing from local farmers and more support for farmers markets.” —Christine H.

“I just hope that Omahans vote with their dollars instead of the ‘like’ button on Facebook in order to keep these great local places going.” —Kyle T.

“…people learning to appreciate excellent dishes prepared by Omaha’s hardworking chefs. There is a difference between dining and eating.” —Judy S.

“My hope is that Omaha will get an indoor farmers market that will run year round. I can only dream.” —Scott K.

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Amy S. Brown
Copublisher and Editor