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Hooray for summer!

After a long, wet spring, the hot sunshine ushers in longer days, community celebrations and outdoor activities galore. For many, Memorial Day marks the start of the season and ushers in the first of many picnics and outdoor barbecues with family and friends. We are ecstatic for the bounty of fresh and flavorful food that enriches our menus and tantalizes our taste buds.

Weekend mornings spent at the farmers markets and picking tomatoes from our gardens and the weekly delivery of farm-fresh food from our community-supported agriculture programs confirm summer has arrived and inspires us to delight in the local bounty. Daylight hours grow longer as we arrive at the official first full day of summer, and yet time seems to fly by too quickly as we find ourselves celebrating the Fourth of July and calming our fear that the end of summer is too close.

How do we stop time from moving so quickly? Well, we haven’t figured out a way to stop time, but here are a few options that will allow you to maximize the season.

Spend time with family and friends. Sharing amazing food made with locally grown ingredients is a sure recipe for building memories you can treasure and reliving the warmth of summer as the seasons change.

Host a neighborhood block party. Consider a childhood-inspired theme paired with a friendly cook-off using ingredients from local gardens and farms. Get to know your neighbors and share your favorite summer recipes.

Preserve the bounty. Consider preserving the flavors of the season for a fresh taste of summer at your table as summer disappears for another year.

Immerse yourself in the community. The greater Omaha and Lincoln metropolitan areas are bursting with unique seasonal events, many that you will find listed in the events calendar of this issue.

Permit this summer season to unfold slowly and purposefully. Take time to breathe, savoring the taste of summer, and may your memories be as delicious as the food you enjoy with family and friends.


Amy S. Brown and Lucy M. Wilson