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Honestly Fresh and Truly Local

Photo by Cheril Lee

Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market

Lawrence Butler and his wife decided to open Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market after seeing that it was an addition greatly needed in North Omaha. “We wanted to do something for the Benson and North Omaha community that would be advantageous,” explains Lawrence.

And so Lawrence opened the farm-to-store, located at 4811 Northwest Radial Highway. He says 95% of the items he sells are local, and he tries to buy from producers within a 100-mile radius. “I want to keep the dollars in this community and support our local farmers and communities,” says Lawrence.

Lawrence’s goal is to promote local farmers, encourage healthier eating and offer customers fresh products. He meets most of the farmers he buys from at various farmers markets. He says many people may not realize how much work is involved in a farmer’s preparation for the market.

“It’s time consuming. It takes two to three days for farmers to get themselves ready, load up their trucks and drive to the market. Then they spend another day putting back all the stuff they don’t sell. I want farmers to be able to get back to doing what they love—farming—by giving them an avenue to sell their product,” he says.

Right now, Lawrence works with nearly 25 different local farmers. The number is steadily growing as his store becomes more popular. Special items include Orchard Hill grass-fed dairy products, certified longhorn beef from Wolbach, Nebraska, Grandpa’s Farm lamb from West Point, Nebraska, Grain Place Foods grain products and more.

Lawrence loves connecting with the many different types of people who come into the store to buy groceries. He says, “They like what Daddy’s is bringing to the community and support it fully, and that’s so rewarding.”

If you want access to local farm items before they are available to the public, Lawrence says you can sign up for Daddy’s mailing list by dropping by the store or e-mailing daddysneighborhoodfreshmarket@hotmail.com to get on the mailing list.

Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market is open 9am to 7pm Monday through Friday, and 10am to 6pm on Saturday.