Edible Omaha

Mexican-Style Street Food


Mula“We serve the type of food you’d find if you traveled throughout Mexico, where people purchase food on the streets, off carts, trailers and sometimes out of the side of someone’s home. Here at Mula we wanted to represent food from a variety of regions in Mexico,” says Michael Sanchez, owner of Mula restaurant.

He describes the food as being approachable, and able to be eaten with your hands. It can be taken on the go, or shared with others. According to Michael, Mula has fun, creative dishes that take Mexican traditions and put a “little spin” on them.

One of the most popular dishes is the grilled sweet corn cob, where the corn is cooked right in the husk. The sweet corn dish is popular throughout the year, and when corn is in season in Nebraska, the restaurant purchases the corn from within the state.

“Sourcing ingredients locally is important to us. Mexican street food is heavily focused on community, so we feel like it’s important to purchase ingredients from the community when we can,” explains Michael.

Vendors change constantly based on availability, but one vendor who remains constant with Mula is local Nietos Panaderia. From them, Michael buys specialty Mexican bread, baked specifically for Mula every day.

“We buy corn for our tortillas from a farm in Inland, Nebraska. They make great high-quality field corn that’s non-GMO [genetically modified organism],” says Michael. “We take the time to make our food the right way with high-quality ingredients, sourcing things responsibly.”

Michael adds, “The whole feel is natural, organic and authentic. We try to make the entire experience, from the service to the tables to the menu, unique.”

Mula, located at 3932 Farnam Street, is open from 4 to 10pm Monday through Saturday and recently started lunch service as well. Info: 402.315.9051, MulaOmaha.com.

—Story and photo by Cheril Lee