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Share a Little or Share a Lot

Heritage Food & Wine


Heritage Food & Wine is a restaurant built on the concept of shared-plate family-style dining.

Chef Jacob Newton explains that some dishes on the menu may be split among three or four people, and others are served much smaller, so customers can sample a little of everything.

Heritage is very proud of their commitment to homemade and local food. Jacob says, “We do everything in house, including crackers, biscuits and cinnamon rolls. The majority of our meat butchering is also done in house.” Additionally, the restaurant uses local meats and vegetables when available.

The restaurant focuses extensively on wines, and many of their bottles, which come from several regions, including the local area, are moderately priced. “We offer a polished wine service in a casual environment. We make it a point to be precise and focused but also friendly and warm,” says Chris Walter, general manager and sommelier.

Jacob has a long history with Omaha and leveraged his relationships with other chefs to help him establish connections with nearby farmers, ranchers and growers. Jacob is always excited to showcase these vendors through the restaurant’s menu.

The menu undergoes changes every few months to ensure that what is being served is fresh and in season. One dish that is served throughout the year is fried chicken, with the poultry coming from Plum Creek Farms, located in Burchard, Nebraska.

There are no designated appetizers or entrées, instead, the menu is organized by where the food comes from. For instance, “the garden” includes the local vegetable dishes, “the coop” features duck, chicken and quail, and “the pasture” features beef, pork and lamb dishes.

“The menu is designed so that everyone can find something they love, from fried chicken and steaks for the traditional diner to foie gras and quail for the more adventurous eaters,” says Chris.

Share a little or share a lot at Heritage Sunday through Thursday from 11am to 10pm, and on Friday and Saturday from 11am to midnight at 316 South 15th Street in Omaha’s Old Market.

—Story and photo by Cheril Lee