Edible Omaha

Taking Pride in the Pour

Beansmith Coffee Roasters


“We encourage people to explore and celebrate flavors,” says Aaron Rauch, coffee program director at Beansmith Coffee Roasters, a newly opened retail store Downtown. According to Aaron, the business chose the location because they wanted to become closer with the Omaha community. The company also has a small retail space in La Vista, but that location is used primarily for wholesale roasting.

“It [opening a Downtown retail space] felt like the natural next step. It allows us to give Beansmith greater exposure to a market that’s going to really understand and value it, especially in the Old Market with lots of independently owned restaurants and local craft people and artists,” says Aaron.

The newly renovated Downtown space offers a full coffee bar, complete with a full range of traditional espresso beverages, including lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, flat whites and the Gibraltar.

“A Gibraltar, named after the glass it’s served in, is any double shot of espresso, two ounces of steamed milk and a light layer of foam,” Aaron explains, describing it as a short and sweet espresso drink. It is one of their most popular drinks.

Beansmith only imports and serves high-grade specialty coffee that they trust comes from one specific farm, area or cooperative.

According to Aaron, Beansmith stands apart because of their unfaltering commitment to quality and a feeling of comfortable, local hospitality. “We feel a huge responsibility in the roasting process to honor the dozens if not hundreds of hands the coffee passes through before it gets to us. We work hard to make sure every shot is pulled perfectly and every pot is brewed correctly,” he says.

Everyone is welcome to stop by and grab a handcrafted coffee Monday through Saturday from 7am to 5pm or Sunday from 8am to 3pm. Beansmith Coffee Roasters is located at 1213 Harney Street and online at Beansmith.com.

—Story and photo by Cheril Lee