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Photos courtesy of Local Ice Creamery
Photos courtesy of Local Ice Creamery

Local Ice Creamery

The Local Ice Creamery or LIC is located next door to Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market in Benson and is the only ice cream shop in the neighborhood. Lawrence Butler, owner of both Daddy’s and LIC, says that the new store is an extension of Daddy’s, a grocery store that sells items that are 95% locally sourced. “I want to keep the dollars in this community and support our local farmers and communities,” says Lawrence.

Lawrence’s goal is to promote local farmers, encourage healthier eating and offer customers fresh products. He meets most of the farmers he buys from at various farmers markets but is focused on ice cream—serving it to enjoy on-site and having packages to take home. Lawrence is excited to offer the community the chance to enjoy homemade ice cream without having to travel to get it.

Lawrence explains, “What the farmers make is superior to anything else out there. We want to promote local farmers who make ice cream, including Orchard Hill Creamery and WW Homestead Dairy.” Orchard Hill Creamery does not use stabilizers, which makes it a great product for those with lactose intolerance as it’s a lot easier on the stomach.

The LIC sells individual and pint-size containers as well as scoops in cones and dishes. “We make our own waffle cones and waffle-cone dishes using the Grain Place Food’s ingredients. And we are looking at offering organic toppings, including chocolate chips, nuts and sprinkles,” says Lawrence.

The ice cream shop has seating for about 25 as well as free Wi-Fi. Lawrence hopes the ambience will encourage people to sit down to enjoy themselves and the ice cream. “I think once they taste the ice cream, the product will speak for itself [but] we [also] want to be [known as] a place where families can come and have a good time,” Lawrence says.

The Local Ice Creamery is open from 2pm until 8:30pm Tuesday through Thursday, 2pm until 10 10pm on Friday, 9am to 10pm Saturday and 12:30pm until 6:30pm on Sunday. Located at 4809 Northwest Radial Highway in Omaha, you can find it on Facebook at TheLocalIceCreamery.

By Cheril Lee