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Happiness on a Stick


Photo courtesy of Stickalicious
Photo courtesy of Stickalicious

“Popsicles are fun. They’re trendy and they let me be creative. They keep my attention and interest because it is so fast paced. I make a flavor, take it to market and immediately know if it will go on the ‘make again’ list based on how it sells,” says Jenna King, owner of Stickalicious.

She says she chose to make ice pops because she wanted to make a food product that kids and adults would love with better ingredients than those you can get at the store. After a brainstorming session with her husband, Popsicles popped into her head. “We were able to quickly make a couple test batches and learn what worked and what didn’t,” shares Jenna.

Since June of 2015, Jenna, her husband and father-in-law have been selling Popsicles at the Aksarben Village location of the Omaha Farmers Market and hope to add the Old Market location and the Gifford Park Neighborhood Market this year.

“We are also planning on purchasing a cart so we can walk downtown and hit the splash pad at the base of the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge because there is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold Popsicle when you cross the bridge [on a hot summer day],” says Jenna.

She says Stickalicious has been making connections with small farmers all over Nebraska and Iowa because they want to source ingredients locally and want their customers to know where their food comes from.

“We use the Country Oven [bakery in Blair] for cookie bits, One Farm and 4043 Gardens for produce, and purchase a majority of our fruits at the local farmers markets. We are still shopping for a local dairy and have a few places in mind,” Jenna explains.

She says they also use companies like Abby’s Alley out of Plattsmouth to make their Popsicle chalkboard and their new pop-up shop (it’s portable) that will debut next spring.

Simply Strawberry and Basil Lime are Stickalicious’s best sellers. The Popsicles cost $3 apiece, and you can place a custom order during the off-season through the Facebook page at Facebook.com/StickaliciousPops.

—By Cheril Lee