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Photo courtesy of Piedmont Bistro
Photo courtesy of Piedmont Bistro

Acclaimed restaurateurs Kevin and Karen Shinn have brought their farm-to-table approach to Lincoln’s Piedmont neighborhood with the opening of the Piedmont Bistro. Kevin hopes the restaurant will serve as a community anchor and grow into a destination for regulars to meet for a drink or bite to eat.

The restaurant has its own food pyramid of Nebraska meats, greens and grains, which forms the building blocks of its plant-forward menu. The food will be casual, but elegant, with the refined touches that diners have grown to love about Kevin’s food at bread&cup.

Piedmont Bistro’s menu features a large appetizers section, with sharable small plates of apple-chickpea fritters, deviled eggs, new potatoes and more. Main dishes will include creative sandwiches, hot salads, bowls and plates. Imagine lamb meatballs over a bed of local grains, a black-eyed pea quesadilla with spinach and feta or a beautiful dry-aged Nebraska rib eye with crispy potatoes.

A 14-seat community table will serve as the restaurant’s focal point. Kevin hopes the table brings an opportunity for strangers to connect. “We envision them striking up a conversation at the bar and then grabbing a bite together at the community table,” says Kevin.

The Piedmont Bistro will also have a full bar program with the classic martini as its signature drink. Bartenders will be trained to educate patrons on the nuances of the drink and offer its many variations—wet, dry, dirty, perfect or even Kangaroo (with vodka).

Despite its impressive pedigree and focus on handcrafted food, Kevin wants the Piedmont Bistro to be about the relationships it develops with its patrons. “The sense of connection with our customers is paramount,” says Kevin.

The Piedmont Bistro, located at 1265 South Cotner Boulevard, is open daily, with the kitchen serving food from 10am until 11pm. Learn more at PiedmontBistro.com.

—By Alexis Abel