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Small Batch, Handmade and Hand Wrapped

Photos courtesy of Blue Dot Confections
Photos courtesy of Blue Dot Confections

Blue Dot Confections

The name of Mindy Bilderback’s company comes from a quote by author and astronomer Carl Sagan, which refers to the Earth as a pale blue dot. Mindy says she’s a huge fan of Sagan, so the name seemed perfect for her business. Sagan talked about how everyone we know or have ever known lives or has lived on the pale blue dot; Mindy says it’s a reminder of how connected we all are to each other.

Her love of candy making, which began at a young age, is a connection she shares with her family. “The candies are made from recipes that my grandma Rosalie got from her mom, Wilma, growing up on a farm in Neligh, Nebraska. My family always made candy during the holidays, using those same traditional recipes year after year,” she says.

For the past six years, Mindy has been working in nonprofit communications and fund-raising, and making candy at home as a creative outlet. But after so many people at work began requesting candies for the holidays this past year, she realized this could be a good business and started taking orders. So far, she is making candies only on a part-time basis.

Grain and Mortar, a strategy, branding and design company in Omaha, sent out her caramels as gifts last December.

The petite caramels are a little over bite-size and rich. Flavors include a classic vanilla bean, a café au caramel (Mindy describes this as a French version of a coffee-flavored caramel), honey and ginger with toasted sesame seeds, the London Fog (which uses Earl Grey tea), and beer and pretzel (her most popular flavor).

Mindy explains that she uses local ingredients from companies that are more socially and environmentally conscious. “I use local ingredients as much as I can. I get the heavy whipping cream from Prairieland Dairy in Firth, the honey from All About Bees in Ralston, the beer is from Kinkaider Brewery in Broken Bow, and the coffee I get from either a Hill of Beans Coffee or Mug Life Coffee, both in Omaha,” says Mindy.

The same criteria apply when Mindy gets ingredients from outside of Nebraska. Those companies must also be socially and environmentally conscious, including Askinosie Chocolate in Missouri and a tea farm in Michigan that makes the Earl Grey tea.

“We focus on regional ingredients with as much Nebraska focus as possible,” she says.

You can order candies on the website at BlueDotConfections.com.

                                                                                                —By Cheril Lee