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Summer 2013 In Season

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Unintended Value

Refugee Gardens in the Middle of AmericaBy Summer MillerPhotography by Alison Bickel I stood in front of a red-and-white-checkered tablecloth, each square adorned with a star, while Mai Thao and her husband, Mai Lon, busily stacked long, fibrous strands of lemongrass next to piles of glowing orange carrots. Further down the row, small watermelon-esque orbs … Read moreUnintended Value


  From the Garden to the TableBy Johnathan Woodside I have limited gardening experience, but I’ve always had a keen interest and appreciation for those who understand the value and benefits of homegrown food.   When I was a boy, my mother maintained a garden because she understood the importance of having access to fresh, nutritious … Read moreMindfulness

Making Culinary Magic

  Students Discover the Joy of Cooking Through Friendly CompetitionStory and Photography By Emily Beck On the second day of April, 16 middle school students rushed about the kitchen of Millard South High School in a flurry of organized chaos. The light overhead glinted off the surfaces of knives and shiny steel pans as voices called across the room, each student looking … Read moreMaking Culinary Magic

Real Fun with Real Food, Big Green Tomato

By Emily Brocker You’ve heard of fried green tomatoes, but have you heard of Big Green Tomato? Located on an acreage outside of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, Big Green Tomato is a business centered around the love of real, good food. Founder Michelle Moyes Dill describes the business as a “growing adventure around food.” Through Big Green Tomato’s three … Read moreReal Fun with Real Food, Big Green Tomato