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  FEATURES GROWING FARMERS: ONE MEETING AT A TIME FROM GARDEN TO GLASS Photo by Alison Bickel. DEPARTMENTS FOOD FOR THOUGHT SPILLING THE BEANSLocal Chef Wins National “Good Food Award”Masterful Mixture of MilkThe Shortest Distance Between Farm and TableCertified Cicerone to Sustainable Brewmaster IN SEASON ON THE PLATE EDIBLE DISCOVERY Sticky and Sweet: Syrup, the … Read moreContents Spring 2014


From Garden to Glass   Bitters and Shrubs Make a Splash in Craft Cocktail Revival By Sandra WendelPhotography by Ariel Fried   A resurgence in mixed drinks is taking place across bars in the Heartland, and if you’re game to experiment, you might try making some of these not-so-traditional cocktails at home using exotic spirits … Read moreFeature..

In Season

FRUITS Boysenberries Raspberries Strawberries HERBS & GREENS Arugula Chard Collard Greens Garlic: Scapes & Green Garlic Herbs: Various Kale Lettuce: Various Microgreens Mustard Greens Spinach VEGETABLES Asparagus Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Cucumbers Morel Mushrooms Onions: Spring & Green Parsnips Peas: Shell, Snow & Sugar SnapPeas: Shoots & Tendrils Potatoes: Early Red Radishes Rhubarb Tomatoes Zucchini Blossoms … Read moreIn Season

On the Plate

Infused Oil Infused oil is a creative way to use garden herbs to add distinctive flavor to your recipes. You can use the oils in marinades, sauces and dressings, on their own drizzled over vegetables or as a dip for warm, fresh bread. When making infused oils, use only glass jars and bottles—oil doesn’t absorb … Read moreOn the Plate

Edible Discovery

Sticky and Sweet Syrup, the Natural Treat By Cheril Lee • Photography by Alison Bickel   When you think of the state of Iowa, what comes to mind? Wind farming? Corn? Hawkeyes? All true. But, how about syrup? Yes, syrup, the sticky brown stuff that goes so well on pancakes? People generally don’t think of Iowa as … Read moreEdible Discovery

The Last Bite

  Five Nebraska chefs were honored by their local farmer counterparts at the 2014 Producers Choice Chef Awards on January 19, 2014, at Metro Community College’s Institute for Culinary Arts in Omaha. The evening served as both a friendly competition and a fund-raiser for the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society. Farmer members of NSAS voted for … Read moreThe Last Bite

Young Farmers

Growing Farmers: One Meeting at a Time By Summer MillerPhotography by Alison Bickel People line each side of the long, narrow brewery. Some stand, some sit, but all lean in close, engaging in a cacophony of conversations about beer, farming, food and hops. William Powers waves at me and begins to weave himself through the … Read moreYoung Farmers

Food for Thought

Welcome to the third year of Edible Omaha. Looking back at our humble beginnings—with no prior publishing experience—Lucy and I continue to be grateful for the amazing advertisers, contributors and readers who support our mission to build a sustainable food community in the greater Omaha area. Our vision for Edible Omaha to become the local … Read moreFood for Thought

Spilling the Beans

Local Chef Wins National “Good Food Award” Bryce Coulton’s Hungarian Salami Bryce Coulton cracked a book about Cold War–era Polish sausage and thumbed the pages. He blended spices, fat and meat, cooked and tasted, then cooked and tasted again. The flavors were bland and timid, not at all what you would typically expect from cured … Read moreSpilling the Beans

Spilling the Beans .

The Shortest Distance Between Farm and Table Prairie Plate Restaurant Thankfully, farm-to-table restaurants are becoming more common in our region. And although the number of eateries that can make that claim have grown, there aren’t many restaurants where you can see the farm food you’re eating grow right outside the window. But that’s the unique … Read moreSpilling the Beans .