Edible Omaha


Can it be harvest time already? The growing season started early, the summer heat arrived early— and some would say never left—and the lack of rain, well I don’t want to wish time away, but it has been a challenging summer. When I reflect on this growing season, one word comes to mind: resilient.

After withstanding the hot and dry summer months—most of us in the cool confines of our air-conditioned homes—we all should have a much greater appreciation for the diligence on the part of our local farmers to grow food. The time and physical demands required during the growing season are intense on their own. Add in extreme heat and couple that with a drought, and the result is even more arduous work at a higher cost to bring bounty to our tables.

If you spent time working in your lawn or garden, you can relate to the extra work and expense involved to water the parched land. Yet the weeds didn’t seem to miss a beat. They were extra-hearty and strong with or without any of this precious commodity.

Yes, our local growers were resilient, and their ability to withstand the adversity of this summer and to persevere is awe-inspiring. The stamina to deal with what Mother Nature presented is more than just admirable. It is miraculous, and it is what allowed each of us the opportunity to enjoy fresh, local food.

For that pleasure I am grateful, and I hope you are too.

While harvest marks the end of the growing season and is the process of gathering mature crops from the fields, it is also time to take an inventory of supplies and prepare for the winter season. In this issue, learn about local food options for winter. After a tough growing season, our farmers need our support more than ever, and seeking out their produce and voting with your fork is a great way to say thank you.

I am also thankful to our advertisers, who see the value in supporting Edible Omaha and share our passion for creating a sustainable local food system for our community. Without our advertising partners we wouldn’t be able to produce this beautiful publication. We encourage you to purposely seek out and use your purchasing power at their businesses to show them that you value their support for our local food system.


Amy S. Brown
Co-publisher and Editor