Edible Omaha

Food for Thought Harvest 2016


Pickled Okra
Minne Lusa House

Granola and Yogurt
with baby beets and basil
Sunday Brunch at Kitchen Table

Lamb Bolognese
Lot 2

Oh, what a marvelous harvest season, which included plenty of lessons learned. Every year I am amazed with what I glean from the process of growing food.

First and foremost, I was super excited to meet my goal of harvesting our pears before the deer took the opportunity (up until now, they’ve beaten me every year). As luck would have it, we had a record batch of pears and I found out how prolific one tree can be, and how heavy hundreds of pears are.

I am hopeful our experience with zucchini cured my husband of his belief that you must plant every seed in a seed packet. We ate zucchini for practically every meal for weeks on end––raw, grilled and steamed, and we shredded and froze dozens of packages for winter. It is utterly amazing to me how a small zucchini can seemingly quadruple in size overnight.

Our bounty enabled us to enjoy sharing on a whole new level. We delivered pears to the Minne Lusa House (find it on Facebook if you’re unfamiliar) for canning, we got to know new neighbors who asked for surplus zucchini (bless them!) and met the many wonderful people who responded to our Craigslist ad for free pears.

As we head into fall and begin to reflect upon another bountiful season, I am thankful for everyone who plays a part to ensure that we have a healthy and sustainable local food system. And with the holidays fast approaching, don’t forget that a subscription to Edible Omaha makes a unique gift that helps our food system grow.

Amy S. Brown

P.S. As part of the Edible Omaha family, you know Lucy and I are searching for new publishers with the skills and time to grow the magazine. We are committed to providing you updates along the way. I am happy to report we had a flurry of interest from folks wanting to learn more about the opportunity and we are continuing discussions, but if you or someone you know is interested, please e-mail me at amy@edibleomaha.com.