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In 1954, J.I. Rodale, founder of Rodale Institute, wrote “Organics is not a fad. It has been a long-established practice––much more firmly grounded than the current chemical flair. Present agricultural practices are leading us downhill.”

Around the same time, on his farm in Marquette, Nebraska, Don Vetter became one of the earliest adopters of organic farming practices in his area.


In September, some 60 years later, Don’s son, David, accepted the Farm Award at Rodale Institute’s 6th Annual Organic Pioneer Awards, a celebration recognizing one research scientist, one farmer and one business, which are all helping lead the way to an organic planet.

Grain Place Foods, the Vetter’s family business, has employed three generations of Vetters and helps steward other local farms in their journey toward organic production. Their mission is to provide their customers with grain products that are grown and produced in an ecologically sustainable and socially responsible manner––with the conviction that how your food is produced does matter.

Photos courtesy of Rodale Institute
Photos courtesy of Rodale Institute