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EDIBLE DELIGHTS: Eat Something Beautiful

EDIBLE DELIGHTS: Eat Something Beautiful


Eat Something Beautiful
By DR Brown
Photography by Juliene Marie

“You are what you eat, so eat something beautiful.”

Proudly displayed inside the Cordial Cherry workshop and retail store, this inscription serves as a reminder of a special grandma and lessons transferred across generations. Melissa Hartman, Cordial Cherry owner, learned how to make chocolate covered cherries from her Grandma Sheldon, who encouraged Melissa to see the beauty in all things.

As a small child, Melissa would run around Grandma Sheldon’s house at Christmastime and grab a chocolate covered cherry from the counter top in the kitchen. These small bites were the start of a love affair with chocolate that would eventually find Melissa surrounding her own family with chocolate. The cherries are made the traditional way using Grandma Sheldon’s recipe with an artistic flair created by Melissa. Handcrafted and displayed as edible art, these tasty delights are the embodiment of eating beautifully.

Traditionally, chocolate covered cherries were a Christmas season treat. Today, with Melissa’s creative flair and desire for beauty, these treats help celebrate all major holidays, along with special occasions such as weddings, births and graduations.

Melissa’s creations help make each and every day a celebration. She continues to expand her products, now including handmade truffles, caramels, chocolate crème strawberries and melt-a-ways.

The store’s brilliant design lets the chocolates shine from beneath their glass covers while gracefully floating on silver stands. The décor and furnishings, including display tables built by Melissa’s dad from repurposed wood, transport visitors back to simpler times. Graceful chandeliers mimic candlelight. The space transforms into a cozy haven for wine tastings and private parties.

As customers leave the store, clutching their gorgeously boxed delights, Melissa conspiratorially suggests following the “one-bite rule,” recommended for the sheer practicality of not wearing your second bite. That one beautiful bite, though, will most surely lead to another.

The Cordial Cherry
Spring Ridge Plaza
1223 S 180th St. (at Pacific)
Open Tuesday–Friday: noon–6pm
Saturday: noon–4pm

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