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Small Potatoes.Co

By Emily Beck

Local gardeners and their produce hungry neighbors are being brought together through Small Potatoes, a recently launched website that works a lot like Craigslist.

With roots at last September’s Startup Weekend Omaha (an event where local masterminds gather to create companies in a mere 54 hours), the concept and website were created by John Hobbs, John Henry Muller, Logan Yard, Eric Edens, Evan Johnson, Jonathan Narwold, Travis Heppner and Michael Crowley. Th eir mission is to bring together gardeners and neighbors through freshly grown food because they believe that no great-tasting food should go to waste.

Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced gardener, excess happens. Maybe this year your tomato plant went a little crazy and produced fruit faster than you could pick it, and you’re running out of recipes to sneak tomatoes into.

Luckily for you, the fruits of your labor don’t have to go to waste. Local growers with a surplus of produce can simply post it (along with a photo, meeting spot and desired price) on the website. From there, anyone can contact the gardener and request to purchase the produce with just three clicks of a mouse.

This site makes it easy for community members to connect with and support their neighborhood gardeners. It’s free to sign up and only takes a few minutes. The site is up and running all the time, so those who cannot make it to farmers markets but still have a hankering for fresh food can still get their fill.

As of right now, the only city available on the Small Potatoes site is Omaha, but that will soon change. “This spring we plan on letting users vote to unlock new cities,” said Evan, a member of the original team. “Once we have gauged that a city has enough interest to sustain the site, we’ll open it up.”

For now, Evan said that the website is relying on social media, word of mouth and dedicated gardeners to create interest in Small Potatoes.

The garden surplus site can be found at SmallPotatoes.co, on Facebook at Small Potatoes Co and on Twitter at @SmallPotatoesCo.