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Photo courtesy of Omaha Public Library
Photo courtesy of Omaha Public Library

Common Soil Seed Library

By Emily Brocker

Are you a gardener who’s interested in trying out a new fruit, vegetable or herb this year? Or have you fondly looked back on a past year’s tasty tomato crop or perfect patch of pumpkins and wished you could replicate that same success? Did you know that seeds that come from open-pollinated plants can be saved from one year to the next? And the seedlings will be exactly like their parents.

The Omaha Public Library has just the solution for you: seed saving. New this year, the Benson branch of the Omaha Public Library has a seed library called Common Soil.

The Common Soil Seed Library is a place where gardeners of all experience levels can check out seeds to grow. In turn, those same gardeners share resulting seeds with the library for others to enjoy well into the future. Seed packets that you can check out are housed in an old card catalog. Th e library houses a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. If you can’t make it to Benson, they’ll even send seed packets to other branches for you to pick up.

“It’s important to welcome the practice of seed sharing into our community for the many benefits that come with it,” said Rachel Steiner, Benson branch manager. “We hope that the seed library will help create a culture of sharing and abundance.”

The Benson branch will also off er classes on seed saving and seed germination beginning in March and running through May. Th e library has a variety of resources, such as books and magazines, online tools, workshops and partnerships with gardening experts to help you get started in both gardening and seed saving.

To learn more about the Common Soil Seed Library, call the Benson branch of the Omaha Public Library at 402.444.4846 or visit OmahaLibrary.org.