Edible Omaha

Food for Thought

In both our personal and professional lives, milestones are all around us. While some pass without much thought or recognition, when we take time to stop and recognize them, we create the space to reflect upon the passage of time, the accomplishments achieved, and most importantly, we can share and celebrate with those who love and support us.

This issue of Edible Omaha marks both the passage of time––five years to be exact––and celebrates what Edible Omaha has accomplished with its many partners. Without so many, none of this would have
been possible.

When we reflect upon the relationships that we have forged since that first issue, there are not enough words or Kleenex to allow us to adequately express the fullness in our hearts. In this issue, we hope you enjoy hearing from various voices in our community as they reflect upon the changes in our food system.

As we raise our glass of locally produced spirits in celebration, we encourage you to find your place in the local food movement and hope you savor this special five-year anniversary issue––also our last. As you know, we have been seeking new owners to grow the business and while we believe the right person(s) are out there, we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting them. Until that time comes, we are suspending the publication of Edible Omaha.

It has been an honor and a privilege to publish Edible Omaha and be a part of such a dedicated and passionate local food community. We offer our heartfelt thanks to every eater, reader, contributor, friend, advertiser, ally and adviser who has been a part of our effort. As you peruse these pages, we hope you, also, will pause and reflect on the accomplishments and find inspiration and encouragement to build community and strengthen relationships around local food and drink.


Amy and Lucy