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Amateur Coffee


“We are literally lovers of coffee,” says Jasmyn Wichert, co-owner of Amateur Coffee. Jasmyn and her husband, Jacob, fell in love with the coffee industry through their respective positions as baristas. She explains they had always loved the culture and sense of community that surround cafés and the coffee industry. “So, in 2012, we had this crazy idea to start our own coffee roasting business, and we’ve been pursuing that dream ever since. We worked really hard and saved up enough funds to buy our own coffee roaster and green coffee,” she says.

The duo is completely self-funded and has a set of core values that they think are reflected in their work. They believe in sourcing ethically and sustainably grown coffees from farmers who take great pride in their work. Jasmyn says their goal as coffee roasters is to highlight each coffee’s individual characteristics. She says they value transparency and strive to honor the people who have farmed and processed the coffees by including each coffee’s story on their respective packaging. “Our intention is to make specialty coffee exciting and relatable, which is why we give each of our coffees a fun name and custom illustration to match their unique personalities,” she says.

They currently offer six single-origin coffees as well as a house blend. The whole-bean coffees have colorful names that include: Campfire, Potpourri and Picnic. Jasmyn is quick to mention they each come from smaller farms. Even though coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world after oil, Jasmyn feels there’s plenty of room for everyone in the coffee community. “As artists, we saw an opportunity to put our passions together to create a positive experience for people who brew their coffee at home. People are often inspired by the artwork on our packaging and are excited to pick one to take home. They wake up excited to enjoy a morning cup of coffee that is visually appealing, smells delicious and tastes delicious,” she says.

To purchase coffee, visit the website at AmateurCoffee.com. For wholesale and pop-up inquiries, Jacob can be reached at 402.812.9625.
—By Cheril Lee

Photo by Jo Pritschow