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A Glass of Produce


Photo courtesy of Juice4Life
Photo courtesy of Juice4Life

Juice-4-Life-(1)In the heart of Bellevue, minutes from Offutt Air Force Base, a friendly juice café is serving up a healthy dose of produce by the glass. A family-owned establishment, Juice4Life opened in the fall of 2014 with the goal to provide wellness and education to the community through fresh-pressed juices.

Looking to offer an honest and healthy alternative for getting fresh nutrients, owners Camille and Aaron James and their daughter, Derrion Shepperd, partnered with Bellevue Produce LLC, which provides sustainably grown produce. With Bellevue providing the produce used in Juice4Life’s juices, the owners have peace of mind about the quality of the ingredients, a critical element in their all-natural, vitamin-packed juices, which have no preservatives and no artificial colors or flavors.

Walking into Juice4Life for the first time, I immediately felt welcome and could smell the amazing aroma of fresh herbs. Derrion, a certified sports nutrition specialist and personal trainer, enthusiastically shared details about their operation and her credentials as well as Aaron’s who is a certified personal trainer.

You can choose your juice based on what Camille, the chief “juiceologist” makes for their subscribing customers––those who place recurring monthly orders––or you can order a blend online and request a pick-up. Ingredients are selected from a seasonally updated menu, and each combination has specific benefits based on its ingredients. I initially enjoyed a Watermelon Flush, which is noted to support kidney and liver functions along with reducing appetite, and have since returned for more juices––including wheatgrass shots.

Juice4Life is located at 409 West Mission Avenue in Bellevue. For more information, including limited store hours, visit iJuice4Life.com or find on Facebook.

—By Sheena Wheeler