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Farm-to-Cone Ice Cream Shop

Coneflower Creamery

Owner Brian Langbehn says while he was in culinary school in Chicago, he worked at Sugar Factory, a dessert nightclub. “We made all of our ice creams in-house. We would do all sorts of interesting flavors, and it just blew me away. I thought, Wow! There’s so many things you can do with ice cream, and that kind of started it all,” says Brian.

Later, he was a pastry chef at 801 Chophouse at the Paxton in Omaha where he once again had the opportunity to make his own ice cream, which was definitely his favorite thing to make.
“I moved up and was chef there for six years. While I was there, I met Katie, who is going to be my ice cream production manager. We talked years ago about doing this, how it would be cool to source everything locally and make everything in-house,” Brian explains.

He says they wanted to bring a different attitude to ice cream in Omaha, with the focus more on the process of creating the ice cream and the ingredients going into it. Brian says the shop will source all dairy products locally. Branched Oak Farm is where they will get their milk, and Prairieland Dairy will supply their cream.

“We will be making everything in-house from your salted-caramel sauce and fruit compote to whipped cream and waffle cones. We’ll also have other cold treats like ice cream sandwiches, sodas and floats,” says Brian.

“Our menu is divided, so we will have some regular favorites but also flavors that will change by season. Those will be done in small batches,” he says. Brian has plans for a Blackstone Butter Brickle ice cream where they would make the toffee in-house.

“We want to take the best ingredients we can to make the best ice cream we can. We want to keep the ice cream simple and free from extra stuff like preservatives and stabilizers. Eggs, milk, cream and sugar. That’s it,” Brian says.

Coneflower Creamery is located at 3921 Farnam Street in Omaha. You can find it on Facebook at Coneflower Creamery.
—By Cheril Lee