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Duck Fat Spray

Duck-Fat-SprayOmaha-based entrepreneur Dennis Schuett explains his journey creating the world’s first duck fat spray started a little over two years ago when a supplier approached him while he was buying beef tallow, a key ingredient in Coney sauce for Coney dogs.

“The plant where I was buying it happened to have an abundance of refined duck fat, and they asked me if I had an interest. At first I wasn’t too sure because I hadn’t experimented with duck fat at that point in my life at all. I mean, I had eaten duck several times, but using the fat? I hadn’t. So, I started doing research on it and it opened my eyes,” he says.

Calling it a “wonderful cooking oil,” Dennis says there are several benefits to using the oil, including that it has “a high smoke point, contains 20% less saturated fat than butter and has a very long shelf life.”

Dennis researched the marketplace and found that those selling duck fat sold it in jars––a spray version didn’t exist. “Since it has a melting point of 57 degrees, I wondered why it wouldn’t make a wonderful all-natural pan release as well as a searing and roasting oil.

“We ended up having to buy our own equipment, so we purchased state-of-the-art bag-on-valve equipment. It puts duck fat into a bag, which is inside a can, surrounded by compressed air without any of the additives,” says Dennis.

The result is an all-natural pan release that imparts a pleasingly mild flavor. You can use it for everything from frying eggs and roasting vegetables to searing scallops and roasting raw almonds. It is naturally gluten-free, has no added preservatives or artificial ingredients, is non-GMO and is safe to be stored at room temperature.

Purchase online at DuckFatSpray.com.

—By Cheril Lee